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Learn More About City Subs Catering

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We provide catering for any size event.  All orders of 12 or more people must be made the day before. 


Call 541-269-9000 for more details.

This is one of our catering trays full of assorted small subs & wraps.

Catering Prices


Subs:  Smalls & Wraps-$6.00 each sub

            Gluten-Free Wraps $6.50 each wrap

            Larges-$9.00 each sub


Potato Chips:  Assorted Lay's Brand Chips-$1.00 a bag

                        Assorted Kettle-$1.30 a bag


Drinks:  Assorted Canned Drinks-$1.50 per can

             Bottled Water-$1.00 per bottle


Cookies:  Assorted Cookies-$1.40 per cookie

                Assorted Naniamo Bar's & Macaroon's-$1.40 per bar


Salads:  Individual High-Protein Salad-$8.50 per person

              Tossed Salad-$4.00 per person

              Pasta Salad-$3.50 per person

              Potato Salad-$3.50 per person

              Macaroni Salad-$3.50 per person

(Potato, Macaroni, and Pasta salads are made from scratch.  Please order ahead of time)

Soup:  $3.95 per person for an 8 oz. cup 

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